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Incubation Program

The Incubation program provides wide-ranging support to start-ups and entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. MedTech incubator provides support and resources required for a MedTech start-up to thrive. It includes workspace and infrastructure, access to business support services, industrial interactions, mentoring, seed funds and training programs to enhance the skills of the entrepreneurs.MTI also extends its support by providing a stimulating platform for healthcare enthusiasts to get their hands dirty working on premature ideas.


The Curious

Anyone with idea comes to play.

Have an idea in Medtech domain but yet to implement it. This is the right place for you. Here, you can get net practice before going to the main field! Get a hands-on experience by probating and developing your idea. This curious space is an open playground for school students, college students and other Medtech enthusiasts, who are keen to play with the medical devices, learn and work on new technology and assess if the idea can be converted into a commercially viable product.


The Builder

Anyone ready to build on the idea.

Once the clinical need is identified, define your product concept and start converting it into a prototype. Develop an initial proof of concept to validate the technology with the support of our researchers, technical officers, mentors and Medtech experts. Define the functional specifications, design, develop, test, reiterate, and validate the product in the builder’s space.


The Marketer

Anyone ready to go to market.

Now that the product development is completed, it is ready to be commercialized. You can start approaching public health organizations, hospitals and healthcare companies to run a pilot project while complying with the regulatory standards and laws. Set up the production and design process for the product with the help of our manufacturing and production experts. The marketer’s focus should be on clinical adoption, customer acquisitions and fund raising to scale the venture.


The Operator

Anyone ready to setup the startup.

Now that the product is progressed from concept to a prototype; build a team consisting of individuals from diverse domains (manager, engineers, clinicians and marketing professional) to take the product to the market. Structure your business concept and formulate a business plan to identify the commercial potential of the product. Interact with our business experts, regulatory and compliance professionals, industrial designers, clinicians and hospitals to r-engineer and design the prototype to get it clinically validated.