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Neos Healthtech is working towards combining the power of technology with healthcare for exceptional patient care. Solving the problem of misdiagnosis in the diagnostic services industry by developing an AI-powered SaaS platform that will aid the radiologists while reporting scans. The platform will detect the abnormalities, quantifying the severity, and provide a report that can be used as a second opinion or as the first line of testing in low resource settings.

Founders :-

Avnish R Parekh  – Undergraduate in finance & accounting from St Josephs’s College of Commerce

Vignesh Parameswaran – Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from SRM University

Tushar Advani  – Undergraduate in Automobile Engineering from SRM University

Shravan Venkatesh – Undergraduate in Computer Science Engineering from SRM University

Area of work: Artificial intelligence and healthcare (Radiology)

Website link: https://www.neoshealthtech.com/