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Swasth is developing affordable healthcare solutions to improve accessibility

  • Swasth provides patients with an opportunity to have easy access to their medical records.
  • Swasth connects patients with quality providers. Patients will always have a network of doctors at the comfort of their homes by simply using Swasth Video Consultations.
  • Doctors can manage their entire practice by just using the Swasth App. They can prescribe electronically by using the one of a kind Swasth Prescription (the best prescription in the market), manage appointments and bills.
  • Doctors and Nurses can also prescribe and enter case sheets by simply using their voice. They just have to speak to the Swasth App which will convert speech to text into an electronic medical record, which can directly be shared with the patient electronically using the Swasth app.

Founders: Sirish Singaram

Area of work: Digital Health

Website link http://swasth.tech