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ZASTI© is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform that focusses on improving business efficiency and delivering tangible cost savings to Clients. The technology platform is built using proprietary Deep Learning (DL) algorithms to provide predictive and diagnostic solutions. ZASTI analyses existing data (E.g: Retinal image), identifies anomalies (E.g:Glaucoma) and recurring usage patterns (E.g: Risk Profiles), and then delivers highly accurate predictions and diagnosis through vertical tuned algorithms.


Krish R. Krishnan, IITM alumnus with 25 years’ experience as a serial entrepreneur and been been involved in founding successful AI and technology start-ups.

Dr. Mohanasankar, Faculty IIT Madras- Dept. of Electrical Engineering, 10+ years experience in med-technology.

Ramanathan Srinivasan, 18 Years of experience working with Fortune 100 across 12 countries.

Area Of Work: Predictive Diagnostic solutions using Artificial intelligence

Website linkhttp://www.zasti.io/