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We at the MTI believe mentoring is an integral part of a start-up’s journey and strive to make it an enriching experience for the entrepreneurs and a full-filling experience for the mentors. Our large pool of mentors are drawn from alumni and non-alumni with diverse backgrounds and experiences with a key motive of watching the mentees succeed in their venture.

Our mentor – mentee relationship is like the Indian Guru-Shishya bond.

  • The relationship is unique as the learning/practicing/teaching model is followed. First the mentee learns, second the mentee applies the learning and thirdly the mentee starts to teach others.
  • A formal recognition of this relationship is generally established in a way, when the mentor accepts the mentee and the mentor also accepts responsibility for well-being and progress of the new mentee.
  • In lieu of Gurudakshina, where the shishya gives a gift to the guru as a token of gratitude, often the only monetary or otherwise fee that the student ever gives is being successful.