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HTIC Covid Related start-ups

S.No Start-up Name Product / Equipment Name Status Founders
1 Swasthchain Pvt Ltd Swasth Circle
Swasth Circle provides patients with VIRTUAL CORONA HOME CLINICS. Those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but have minor symptoms only require home care. Swasth Circle allows COVID patients to subscribe to multi-speciality COVID cloud clinics (5 doctors of different specialities) for a small subscription fee after which they will be able to contact any of the doctors within their clinics using a chat box or video consultations. Doctors will provide Daily Online vitals and medication check, dietary advice and admission counselling if necessary. Prescriptions will be available to patients directly within the app in the patient’s local language.
Swasth Voice
Swasth has been collaborating with COVID-19 wards to prevent the spread of the virus by carrying paper inside and outside the wards. By providing one of our features Swasth Voice. Using Swasth Voice the Doctor or Nurse simply has to speak to the computers and phones inside the wards and case sheets, progress notes and any other notes will automatically be converted into text using the Swasth App. These case sheets will directly be integrated with the existing HMS or EMR and can be printed and viewed outside the wards (They simply have to speak to these forms and it will be readily accessible in the HMS). Hence reducing the spread of the virus using paper. Similarly, this will also help save doctors and nurses a ton of time to focus more on patient care rather than typing the sheets.The great thing about Swasth Voice is that it also works through the PPE and is incredibly easy to use. It has been tried in the COVID-19 wards and it has received a great deal of success.
Already in the Market Sirish Raju Singaram
2 Ubiqare Health Pvt.Ltd Ubiqare Health also Enables COVID Care at Home for the asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients while they are under home isolation. The cloud-based specialty virtual healthcare platform enables COVID Care that is aligned to the Guidelines for home care for COVID patients, issued by MoHFW. Hospitals and Physicians can use our solution to rapidly ramp up their COVID Care to remote patients at home and save the beds for moderate and severe cases.

Digital Healthcare
● COVID specific protocols with customizable workflows.
● Triaging, Vitals, Clinical Notes, Health Condition, Comorbidities.
Clinical Telepresence
● e-Prescriptions, multi-party AV chats, screen share, and media share.
● Doctor consults and call button for quick medical attention.
● Counselling, Nutritional guidance.
Clinical Augmentation (complementing your staff)
● Trained medical professionals for clinical monitoring and supervision.

Already in the Market Sundarajan , Sridhar & Prasanna
3 Zbliss technologies Pvt. Ltd. zMed (ICU automation platform) solution is also used to monitor COVID-19 patients in special isolated units. – zMed-Lite application allows a large number of patients to be monitored with minimal intervention (without the burden of additional modules). The focus is on monitoring of device data remotely, particularly data from Ventilator and Patient Monitor.  We have also added features such as auto-triaging and Big Data analytics for identifying more serious patients. Already in the Market Jayakanth & Preethi
4 Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd Lyfas is a clinical grade, non-invasive, mass scalable COVID-19 risk screening and monitoring tool, developed by Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. By utilizing powerful mobile flash and camera, Lyfas has developed a proprietary non-invasive technique for obtaining body organ-system wide biomarkers which can analyses the changes in the body organ systems such as:
1. Respiratory System (Hemodynamic, FEV1/FEV6, Viscosity, Spo2)
2. Nervous System (Autonomic and Peripheral)
3. Vascular System (Arterial Stiffness and Vascular Elasticity)
4. Functional Blood Biochemistry (Anaemic Profile, Lipids, Protein, Solute, Enzymes)
5. Immunity System (Lymphocytes, Total Bilirubin)
6. Endocrine System (Cardiac Rhythm)
7. Lifestyle (Sleep, Energy, Cardiac Fitness, body pain, metabolism)
8. Psychological Health (Depression, Anxiety, Chronic and Acute Stress)
Already in the Market Rupam Das
5 AEROFIL FILTERS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED N95 /FFP2 FACE MASK Already in the Market Santhosh Kumar Pulipara Damodaran
6 Cloudphysician Healthcare Pvt Ltd Cloudphysician, using its smartICU platform, RADAR, provides ICU expertise to hospitals that do not have 24/7 access to ICU specialist doctors. RADAR, connects command centers staffed with intensivists 24/7 to hospital ICUs. This allows intensivists to cater to patients in multiple locations that require their support. RADAR digitizes and analyses patient data and provides clinical decision support to these super specialist doctors at the command center who then, together with the bedside team, ensure evidence based care of ICU patients thereby saving lives. Cloudphysician uses RADAR to oversee the 24/7 management of patients located in multiple hospitals, including a real time two-way audio-video communication platform to coordinate with bedside providers. RADAR is designed for low resource settings. It is a plug and play model that allows a hospital to continue using existing equipment to deliver care. RADAR has clinical tools and automated early warning systems to assist one doctor to monitor multiple patients at any given time, no matter the location. This efficiently addresses the problem of delivery of high quality care and shortage of specialist doctors, translating to improved outcomes of critically ill patients. The digital trail in RADAR also helps improve workflow and increase accountability among caregivers. Already in the Market Dr.Dhruv Joshi/Dr.Dileep Raman
7 Printalytix Private Ltd Preventive Healthcare Products- Face shields, Covid safety key and Intubation boxes Already in Market Kiran Karpur, Ashwin Sreenivas and Ranjan Athreyas
8 Teslon Technologies Private Limited Effective management of COVID-19 crisis through Carenation TeleHealth
Carenation is a scalable telehealth platform that enables complete remote care delivery that is built to world-class standards. The carenation system is proposed to be used for COVID19 crisis to bring diagnostics, High-quality consultations and Medicine vending. The system also allows complete Medical records, data telemetry, history of consults and patient health record access with optional integrations into the existing EMR/HIS. The Telemedicine Express part of Carenation is proposed for this deployment.
The Carenation Offerings:
1. Patient monitoring App with telemedicine express.
2. Carenation ICU Carts and monitoring
Already in Market Harsha Muroor, Suriya Shankar and Dileep Ranganath

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