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S.NO Start-up Name Product / Equipment Name Status Founders
1 Airtize technology private limited Developing a CureTM product, it’s a teletherapy platform connecting patients to medical Therapists Already in the Market. Dr Rejith R S
2 Buzzark Simulations Pvt. Ltd. Buzzark Simulations develops technology for Natural Orifice Surgery  which enables the users to practice the surgery for any number of times at various scenarios to train the hand and eye coordination of  the user. Already in the Market. Ragul Puhazhendi
3 C3 MedTech Pvt Ltd Developing and manufacturing affordable and portable smart phone based ophthalmic screening devices.Vision is to reduce cases of avoidable/needless blindness by providing smartphone based portable and affordable eye screening equipment in resource limited and rural areas. Already in the Market Yash Sunit Nagarsheth
4 Kornerstone Devices Pvt.Ltd. Kornerstone Devices Pvt Ltd is developing “High Noon” an angular guidance for CT guided needle insertions device complying with global standards for medical devices. The High Noon device empowers more radiologists to undertake interventional procedure thereby impacting * early cancer detection * interventional pain management * accurate tumor ablation.The device helps to considerably reduce – patient pain/discomfort; repetition; radiation Already in the Market Shanth & Dr.Roy
5 MediSim VR Pvt. Ltd. A Virtual Reality surgical simulator with a haptic feedback model helps create the illusion that the user has physical contact with the model. VR with haptic feedback & Tactile, force feedback creates an appropriate training platform for Laparoscopy and other Minimal Invasive Surgery(MIS). Already in the Market Dr.Adith & Sabarish
6 Mocero Health solution Pvt. Ltd. ursugar is a Diabetes Management Platform using AI and deep learning to aid doctors in maintaining the standard of care and providing personalized treatment to patients. Aid patients with regular interventions to support in control of the chronic diseases. It connects all the stakeholders in the treatment of disease namely the Patients, doctors and care takers. Already in the Market. Dr.Palaniappan & Palaniappan
7 Smart Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd Smart Home Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd is developing a cloud-based Mobile Clinical Management platform called AeglePro which is focused on Physiotherapists that reduces the operational cost. Already in the Market. Arun Kumar Ramasamy
8 Swasthchain Pvt Ltd Swasth is developing affordable healthcare solutions to improve accessibility.
Swasth provides patients with an opportunity to have easy access to their medical records.It connects patients with quality providers. Patients will always have a network of doctors at the comfort of their homes by simply using Swasth Video Consultations. Doctors can manage their entire practice by just using the Swasth App. They can prescribe electronically by using the one of a kind Swasth Prescription (the best prescription in the market), manage appointments and bills. Doctors and Nurses can also prescribe and enter case sheets by simply using their voice. They just have to speak to the Swasth App which will convert speech to text into an electronic medical record, which can directly be shared with the patient electronically using the Swasth app.
Initial Prototyope ready and now in the product development stage. Sirish Raju Singaram
9 Ubiqare Health Pvt.Ltd Ubiqare health Pvt Ltd is developing a mobile app to provide healthcare ubiquitous with a focus on defining medical plans and giving prompt medical attention to the patient of cancer, stroke, kidney and respiratory diseases at home. Already in the Market. Sundarajan , Sridhar & Prasanna
10 Viverva Health Media Pvt. Ltd. Viverva Health Media provides  Digital Preventive Healthcare Awareness and Patient Education, with a  focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and rural India. They bridge the gaps in the healthcare system by spreading awareness which reduces the risk in late detection of diseases.care Awareness Already in the Market. Arbind Raj
11 Zasti India Pvt.Ltd. ZASTI© is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform that focusses on improving business efficiency and delivering tangible cost savings to Clients. The technology platform is built using proprietary Deep Learning (DL) algorithms to provide predictive and diagnostic solutions. ZASTI analyses existing data (E.g: Retinal image), identifies anomalies (E.g:Glaucoma) and recurring usage patterns (E.g: Risk Profiles), and then delivers highly accurate predictions and diagnosis through vertical tuned algorithms. Already in the Market. Krish, Ram, Dr.Mohan
12 Zbliss technologies Pvt. Ltd. zMed provides Ecosystem of Products for intensive care units such as zHub – bedside Hardware and zICUChart- SaaS application and mobile apps for data front end, analytics, and intelligence.
A bed-side Connectivity hub that runs a specialized custom software to connect to several Medical Devices.
A SaaS-based solution on the cloud. Non-device data are entered through our Mobile Application using devices such as iPad, tablet or a Laptop.
Auto computation of clinical values and predictive analytics. Provides Data Visualization, Dashboard, Notification, Voice Assistant, and Remote Monitoring.
Already in the Market. Jayakanth & Preethi

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