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BIG Awareness Session | Aug 18th, 2020 | 11am to 12pm

HTIC Medtech Incubator as an Associate BIG Partner & FITT Delhi BIG Partner inviting applications for the 17th call BIG GRANT. We are jointly organising a “BIG Awareness Session” on Aug 18th, 2020 at 11am through Google Meet.

Register Link to attend the session – https://forms.gle/zkHbp1rCAUqqgdVz8

Link to Join the Session- https://meet.google.com/fgj-hbey-scr

Agenda :

  • Big Scheme Overview and Process flow
  • Insights into Big Requirements and Application Submission.
  • Dr. Malay Dixit sharing his BIG journey experience and has developed the product successfully.
  • Q&A Session.


BIG (Biotechnology Ignition Grant) is a flagship scheme of BIRAC which recognizes and invests in innovative ideas in the biotech sector. The ideas should have clear potential to translate into commercial products/technologies. BIG supports individual entrepreneurs/ start-ups from ideation to Proof of Concept (PoC). Under the BIG scheme, BIRAC provides grant-in-aid of upto INR 50 lakhs (approx USD 75,000) for a period of 18 months.

Areas supported under BIG:

BIG scheme supports innovation under Healthcare, Lifesciences, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Drugs, Vaccines, Drug Formulations and delivery systems, Industrial Biotechnology, Agriculture, Secondary agriculture, Waste Management, Sanitation, Clean Energy and related areas.

Who Can Apply

BIRAC invites proposals from Biotech Start-ups and Individual Entrepreneurs with innovative idea having potential for commercialization. Eligible entities include:

  • Start-up age allowed for a registered company/ LLP incorporated under BIG w.e.f 1st Aug 2020: 5 years.
  • Scientists, Faculty, Research Scholars, Graduates in any discipline incubating/ intend to incubate at a BioIncubator.
  • Eligibility criteria for start-ups under BIG has been revised.

Selection Process

It is a 4 tier selection process. All eligible applications go through following steps:

  • Preliminary Selection Committee (PSC) screens the proposals for scheme fit, adequacy of details, plagiarism
  • The PSC recommended proposals are then reviewed Online by subject experts
  • The recommended applicants are then called for F2F presentations before the Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP). The proposal will be scored on a scale of 100.
  • Expert Selection Committee (ESC) will decide the final cutoff of marks and recommend the proposals for BIG funding.

Support Provided by IITM HTIC MedTech Incubator as a BIG Associate Partner

  • Orient Innovators and Entrepreneurs on the eligibility and aim of BIG schemes.
  • Mentor and handhold prospective BIG applicants and assist them for application
    Mentoring provided for areas including but not limited to technical, business, IP, legal, regulatory etc.
  • Facilitate connects and networking for BIG applicants.

Application submission opens on 1st August, 2020 & Closes on 15th September, 2020 (5:30pm)

For more details Please visit – https://htic.iitm.ac.in/mti/grant/program-scheme/

 Please email us for more details at big@htic.iitm.ac.in