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Med Interventions and Beyond Pvt. Ltd.

M.I.B (Med Interventions and Beyond) aims to develop innovative products that solve health problems for people around the world. Starting with Multi-Mask; a “future-ready”, transparent mask with a shield that can simply be slipped on when required. Though designed to address the shortcomings in the current mask+shield combos, its unique system of snap-fit modules allows it to take on other masking functions beyond Covid, making it the first versatile mask in the global healthcare market.

Founders :-

Deepak Pathania – 25 years experience as an Inventor, Educator & Industrial Designer, NID-Ahmedabad.

Kanishk Kharbanda16 years of experience in Medical Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Public Health & IT, Duke University(MBA), MIT Manipal(BE)

Shilpa Salgia – Mentor, Investor, PGD in Medical Technologies

Area of work: Reusable Mask with Shield not only for Covid but also for other masking applications beyond the pandemic.

Website link:  https://mibforyou.com/  &  http://multi-masks.com/