Sensory Relax aims to promote research and development inn the field of Science and Technology Focusing
on the huma condition and enhancing life by innovating methods of achieving relaxation and functionality.
The team consist of a Clinical Psychologist, Biomedical engineer and an Electronic & Instrumentation
Engineer. The process extends to look into achieving a portable, plausible, productive and efficient tool that
is available to use in a clinical setting. Our product caters to Pain management, post and pre operative care, recovery process and enhancing health resilience and rehabilitate purposes. It has found it creditability in various term sof application in a clinical setting based on it portability ease of use and standardized and validate measure that are predictive of both physical an psychological changes.

Founders name :

Dr. Emilda Juidth Ezhil Rajan, Clinical psychologist

Co Founders – Dr. Jayanthi. T, Biomedical Engineer & Dr. Sunitha, Electronic & Instrumentation

Area of Work :

Health and wellness. Future perspective can also be generative for non-clinical use directive towards profession based management

website : https://sensory-relax.com/